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Alkaline Ionized Water: An Introduction

There is a secret about your drinking water that is out and growing in popularity. That secret has to do with alkaline ionized water. If you are not already aware, tap water is not the safest water you could be drinking. In fact, there are a lot of harmful chemicals in your faucet water that are easily avoidable if you take the right precautions. 

Besides the chemicals, there is also an unnecessary amount of free floating Oxygen atoms in your normal tap water. While we all associate Oxygen with being a positive thing, it is in reality a very corrosive element when left to its own devices. Objects can suffer from 'oxidation' which effectively means that Oxygen atoms are corroding the material.

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There is a way to avoid these chemicals and excess Oxygen atoms. The way to do so is through employing the use of a water ionizer in your home. A water ionizer creates alkaline ionized water that is free of all of these harmful byproducts. The importance of putting this 'cleaner', healthier water into your system is paramount.

Alkaline ionized water is free of of the excess Oxygen atoms that, when accumulated in your body, can slowly lead to your body breaking down earlier in your life. These excess Oxygen atoms will float around in your body. If they were in a small amount, they would not pose as a large threat. However, over time, as you continue to drink regular tap water, these atoms build up in your body and tend to attract each other. When there is a significant enough build up, they begin to have a greater effect on your organs. Just like a piece of metal or plastic that breaks down to to oxidation, so too will your organs over time. 

While this should not be read as a scare tactic, it should be taken seriously. You are not going to drop dead at 40 years old because you have been drinking tap water instead of alkaline ionized water. What you should consider is that your body has a lot of moving parts and there are countless chemicals that are in food and drink products today that didn't exist thirty years ago. By taking the right steps and precautions wherever possible, you can help yourself to live a longer and healthier life.

Look at it this way: You have a ton of products in your home. When you purchased the last one, did you look at it and decide whether or not you were going to take care of it? No, of course not. You just invested in a new product and, as a person who values their things, took the necessary precautions over time to make sure that the item was taken care of and protected against the things that would break it or ruin it over time. You don't use a blender and never clean it and let substances build up and compromise the functioning of the device. So why would you let a substance build up that will compromise the ability of your vital organs to function? 

Alkaline ionized water is a safer alternative to regular tap water that is better for you. There is really nothing else to say than that. You have the chance to put something better into your body, so why not do it?


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