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Alkaline Health Benefits 3 Avoidable Chronic Diseases

While some people choose to debate whether or not alkaline health benefits exist, there are numerous studies being done which repeatedly prove its usefulness. Regardless of what you believe, there are several chronic diseases which can be completely avoided by maintaining a healthy habit of proper hydration. Drinking regular water in healthy amounts can achieve the same results you are about to read. Keep in mind though that alkaline water has been shown to be up to six times more hydrating than regular water, thus the desired goal is easier to achieve and shows greater results.


Asthma, salt and Alkaline Water

Asthma, a condition in which the free passage of air is obstructed, is a common condition currently affecting over 14 million children in the United States. Every year, several thousand children die due to the harmful affects of this condition, but they don’t have to.

An increased water intake has been proven to prevent asthma attacks. The health benefits of alkaline water then become obvious, considering its superior ability to hydrate. Asthmatics should also increase their salt intake to break the mucus plugs in the lungs that obstruct free flowing of the air.

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Alkaline Health Benefits - Controlling High Blood Pressure

When all the blood vessels that diffuse water into vital cells are not receiving enough water, hypertension is a resulting condition. The process of reverse osmosis, in which water from the blood is filtered and injected into important cells, has a certain amount of required fuel (water).

It is a tragedy to think that so many people are affected by high blood pressure, when it has been shown that an increase in hydration can eliminate the problem. Worse, it is instead treated with diuretics which further dehydrate the body. These will eventually cause blockages, by cholesterol, in the main arteries leading to heart attack. The alkaline health benefits are easy to spot, considering they are capable of reducing or eliminating this problem.

Avoiding Adult-onset Diabetes

With the growing population of overweight, out of shape, and malnourished adults in the United States, diabetes is quickly becoming an epidemic. With over 150 billion dollars spent last year on people who have adult-onset diabetes, it is an enormous cost to our government as well as a scary health issue for many people.

Diabetes is another severe state of dehydration being present in the human body. Because it is the brain’s priority to have adequate water circulating in the body, it triggers the pancreas to reduce its insulin distribution which pushes water into the cells. This is done so the brain can regulate the distribution and provide “survival rations” of water to the cells.

It has been shown that alkaline water can benefit someone who has just been diagnosed with adult-onset diabetes, and even completely cure a person if detected in its early stages. Regardless of whether or not the water is alkaline, serious hydration is a must.

Each one of these conditions above is caused by a lack of proper hydration, but each is preventable with healthy drinking habits (water!!!). To learn more about some of the other alkaline health benefits, check out our article on Positve Ionizer Health Effects. In it, you’ll find three amazing stories of people who’s lives changed because of ionized water.

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