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Alkaline Diet

If you want your body to run at full speed all day long, it’s important that you maintain the right pH balance.  The secret to getting that pH is through your diet - both by eating alkaline foods, and drinking alkaline water.  We have a ton of other resources so you can learn all about the alkaline diet right here at IonizerOasis!  Check out the articles below…

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The Science Behind an Alkaline Diet

Are you enjoying all the benefits of your water ionizers, but want to do more for yourself? Well the answer lies in an Alkaline Diet. This takes the helpful properties of your water ionizer and expands it right into a healthy eating lifestyle!

We're sure you've heard that term thrown around a bit with all of the other diet fads, but many people don't really know what it means to have an alkaline diet. For starters, it will create a balance in your body's pH levels, helping your body stay disease free!

What exactly are pH levels?

Thinking back to high school chemistry class, pH is based on a 14 point system with anything under 7 being acidic (the human stomach has a pH of 2.3, so it's very, very acidic), 7 is neutral such as pure water, and anything from 7 to 14 is basic or alkaline. Blood in the human body has a natural pH of 7.3 which is alkaline, so it would make sense that eating and maintaining an alkaline diet would help your body function at its tip top shape.

The diet includes eating tons natural healthy foods such as grapefruits, vegetables, sweet potatoes, various nuts, and legumes (like peas).  On an alkaline diet, the most important foods to limit are processed foods, non-whole grain carbohydrates, fatty meat, dairy, coffee, fungi like mushrooms, sugar, and alcohol.

All types of artificial sweetener should not be consumed either because they form a very acidic environment.

The Alkaline Diet has been shown to help with cancer, allergies, fatigue and obesity. Because this diet cuts out many of the bad foods in your life, the effects are felt almost right away. The foods within the recommended diet contain many minerals and vitamins that are missing from most peoples' diets such as calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc.

Side Effects

Because you are used to eating meat, sugar and simple carbohydrates, when you cut out these products, you will start to crave them.  In serious cases, the feeling of avoiding these foods can make you experience flu-like symptoms for a few days to a few weeks until the cravings are out of your system.

How to do the Diet

The typical foods listed above are just some of the many choices you have while doing the Alkaline Diet.  Tons of fresh and raw veggies are the food of choice for this diet, but since the body craves sugar and fructose (which is a simple form of sugar making it easy for the body to break it down), fruit should be eaten and is best before a large meal. If eaten after a large meal, it can turn acidic while waiting to be digested and cause intestinal discomfort and excess gas.

The Alkaline Diet is a way of life and should be regarded as such, but as a way to get rid of  many of the acidic foods in your life, it makes an excellent flush for three weeks.

The Alkaline Diet can also be a lifestyle change and be a permanent way of life in order to feel your absolute best. Many people have said that after drinking alkaline water they feel refreshed and renewed, but the effects will be much more lasting combining ionized water with proper nutrition.

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