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Acid Vs Alkaline Foods

Most people are aware that our body’s natural pH is slightly alkaline, and that our bodies only work at their optimal level when this pH level (7.3 to 7.4) is maintained. To keep your body at a higher pH count than that can be harmful or even life threatening, so it’s very important that we stay aware of where our body’s pH is at if we’re trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and live as long as we can.

A pH of 7 is neutral, below 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline. To maintain the alkaline pH, we have to eat alkaline foods which are better for you than acidic foods.

All the food that most Americans eat, soft drinks and cheeseburgers and fast food are almost all acidic. They raise your body’s acidity when you eat them, and many of the foods that are usually considered healthy - green vegetables, for instance, reduce your body’s acidity. If you eat healthier foods, then you will remain healthier and more fit with a balanced pH.

In fact, it’s been discovered that alkaline-charged blood can actually transport more oxygen than acidic blood. More oxygen means more energy and more metabolic power, which leads to less drowsiness and happier emotions every single day. And in this fast-paced world, you need all the energy you can muster!

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So how do you know what’s an acidic food and what’s alkaline? Well, we’re here to provide you with all that information. For instance, what most people think to be relatively healthy foods like fish, meat and longer-lasting dairy products such as milk and cheese, are in fact highly acidic! There are so many foods and exceptions out there that we found a handy Acid-Alkaline Food Chart and reference guide for you to check out, prepared by Dr.

Russell Jaffe, Fellow at the Health Studies Collegium in Sterling, VA. We recommend printing it out and hanging it on the fridge at home. At first all this thinking can be a bit of work every time you go to eat a meal, but we’ve found that people pick it up after a very short time.


Acid foods do nothing but harm the body, raising the acidity of blood and turning the body into a haven for diseases. On the other hand, alkaline foods are believed by many to prevent chronic diseases like cancer, to keep the body healthy and in excellent working condition, to remove the free radicals hosted in your body and to make more oxygen available to your body’s cells.

It is a known fact that most diseases find it difficult to survive in the presence of oxygen. Therefore alkaline foods, by increasing the alkalinity of the body, provide an atmosphere of excess oxygen in which germs die. So now you know… why alkaline foods are better than acidic foods!

If you’d love to learn about the absolute best alkaline soup and salad, click here.

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