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A Convenient Solution for Alkaline Bottled Water

Alkaline bottled water is a method that is becoming a lot more popular in the ionizer user community. The problem with regular bottled water is that the plastic can 'leak' chemicals into the water over time as the bottle slowly breaks down. This is obviously not a problem if you simply go and purchase a bottle, but often families end up buying cases of water and it sits there with this result.

There are really two ways that we suggest you going about having alkaline bottled water. The first way is obviously using a water ionizer from your home and bottling the water yourself. As opposed to using plastic bottles, we encourage you to look into metal bottles or thermoses. There are several options on the market, and we find that these pose the least amount of danger to byproducts leaking into your drinking water.

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The other method that we are in favor of is utilizing a product we offer called the Waterman H2Go portable water ionizer. This device is only two pounds and can filter and ionize water for you anywhere, anytime. The greatest feedback we have gotten is from people who use it for camping and outdoor excursions. 

The Waterman Pitcher filter uses magnets, silver activated carbon, somelite coral sand and bioceramics. The silver activated carbon effectively not only removes bacteria from the water and prevents its growth, but also filters out many heavy metals, chemicals and other impurities from the water. Somelite coral sand is a natural substance used in filtration to add minerals and also filter out chemicals and various other substances like trace metals. Magnets have long been recognized for their ability to change the properties of water making it more readily absorbed by the body.

The benefit of this portable model is clear, and we have had very constructive feedback from our valued customers. The biggest benefit is that it can fit easily in a backpack on camping, hunting or fishing excursions. One of our customers actually wrote to us that he had received it as a gift because his friends had known how fanatical he was about his home water ionizer and that he was an avid hiker. 

While out on a solo trek through a national park in North Dakota, he was thrown off his planned course because he ran into a bear cub. Not wanting to get closer out of fear that the mother was close, he was forced to give the area a wide berth and became lost. He ended up spending the night in the woods without any means of starting a fire. He used the Waterman H2Go to drink from a pond that he had found. Normally he would not have been able to drink the water without sterilizing it. 

While this is an extreme situation, it demonstrates an area where this product is extremely valuable and even a necessity. If you are someone who is an avid biker, outdoors person or just a person who travels a lot, this product is  far more a necessity then a luxury. Check it out today. 


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