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Alkaline Water

In order for our bodies to operate at their peak condition, they require a slightly alkaline pH balance.  Alkaline water is the key to achieving that balance.  Much of the tap water in America is not only filled with nasty chemicals like fluoride and chlorine, but it’s also not optimized to the best pH for consumption.  By drinking alkaline water, you will experience a wide and exciting list of health benefits.  To learn more, dive right into some of the informative articles below:

Alkaline Water in General

Alkaline Water Machines / Filters


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A Personal Note on Alkaline Water from Co-Owner Noah Tyrrell:

Hi and thanks for stopping in!

I wanted to take a moment to share my story and talk a little about my journey with alkaline water.

No, I did not fight back from cancer.  I didn't conquer any major debilitating diseases like Diabetes, or Arthritis, or chronic acid reflux(though many of our customers have).  My story is much more ordinary than that, but I think you can appreciate that it is still rather extraordinary.

I've been actively drinking alkaline water now for about two years.  In this time I've seen numerous changes in my overall health and energy which I directly attribute to alkaline water and my new alkaline diet.  The coolest part about drinking the alkaline water is that it seems to have reignited my bodies natural cravings and actually helped me cultivate a healthy alkaline diet.

What do I mean by this exactly?

Well, human beings are meant to live primarily off of vegetables and other foraged foods, like grains and fruits.  Meat and sugary sweets were a rarity in our natural diet (before the industrialization of our society).  The problem is that nowadays we start eating these processed and sugary foods at a very early age, which actually breaks down our bodies natural abilities to determine when it's hungry, what it's hungry for, and when we are satiated.  

After drinking alkaline water as a regular part of my diet, I've noticed a shift in my diet and more importantly my cravings.  While I still have a sweet tooth and love the occasional candy, I find myself craving things like sweet potatoes, peppers, fruits, fish (sushi!!!), dates, and an overall healthy assortment of alkaline foods. 

To me it is as if drinking alkaline water has helped me reconnect with my body's natural cravings for fresh healthy alkaline ingredients.  My intake of red meat, processed foods, and terribly acidic things like soda is dramatically less, and as a result my body has leaned out to a much healthier weight than I was previously at.  The best part is that all of this has happened very naturally and without any effort.  It's not like I had to force myself to start enjoying these healthier foods, it just happened.  No conscious dieting was involved!

Alkaline water for me has personally changed my diet to a much healthier and more natural one (see alkaline diet), cut at least 15 pounds off of my frame, and definitely resulted in increased energy and positive mood change.  While none of what I just mentioned is as dramatic as "it cured my diabetes", I think everyone in the world can agree that these simple benefits are worth pouring yourself some cups of alkaline water each day.

My suggestion to you is to learn as much as you can.  Check out the articles listed here on this website and take our crash course which teaches you all about alkaline water and the machines which make it.  Once you feel well educated, grab yourself a machine!  With a 60 day money back guarantee on almost every machine we carry, you can start experiencing these benefits for yourself with no risk involved.

Thanks for checking out Ionizer Oasis and feel free to contact us with any of your questions or concerns!

In Good Health,

Noah Tyrrell
Co-Owner Ionizer Oasis

P.S.  If you're searching for a machine to produce alkaline water, click here to browse all of our top water ionizers!  Or, click here to learn more about water ionizer technology in general.

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