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Ionways (Jupiter) Delphi

  • Ionways Delphi Water Ionizer
  • Ionways Delphi Water Ionizer
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Product Description

The Delphi has retired. But a new and more powerful version is now available. Introducing the Ultra-Delphi! Updated to provide you more powerful ionization and better cleaning and durability. Click here for more details!

Jupiter Delphi water ionizer for undersink

Just imagine if you could instantly get healthy, alkaline water for you and your family from a water ionizer manufactured by the world's leading manufacturer.

Now imagine that all you see is a discrete and elegant chrome plated tower that is activated by an easy-to-use control pad. No counter-top clutter and the ability to choose different levels of alkaline or acidic water at your fingertips.

Well, please imagine no more.

Introducing the world's most advanced, under-sink, domestic water ionizer - the Emco Tech Delphi from IonWays.


Convenience is critical in designing the ideal ionizer. From the beginning the Delphi was designed as a specialty undersink unit. Under the counter is the most advanced ionizing unit. Above the counter is an elegantly designed faucet with a beautiful and discreet LCD display.

Ease of Use

No ionizer is as easy to use as the Delphi. A light finger touch on the faucet control pad selects your preferred level of acidic, filtered or alkaline water. The LCD display shows you the water level selected and the life of the filter (in ionizer below counter).

Ionization Power

The Delphi comes from the world's top manufacturer of water cell technology. Featuring the ultimate cutting-edge in electrode technology, the Delphi uses patented mesh electrodes that give an increased surface area. This means not having to increase the voltage that causes wear on the plates.
The advanced technology protects the electrodes while increasing the efficiency.

If you used a microscope to look at a mesh-plated electrode you would see numerous valleys and peaks of platinum titanium that are there to give you, year after year, the ultimate conductivity and durability.

Some importers buy from assemblers (not true manufacturers) and use large cheap plates from China and elsewhere. They claim that large plates are the answer to better ionization and pH but since when has electronics become larger as it evolved?

The Delphi has been especially designed to give you the best ORP at every levels of pH (as well as giving the big -ORP numbers at the higher pH ranges).


The Delphi uses the advanced 9-stage Biostone filter that is exclusive to the latest Emco Tech models. As the most advanced ionization filtration system currently available you can enjoy the best in healthy clean water. The Biostone filter contains calcium, granulated activated carbon (GAC) and BioCeramic Tourmaline.


The Delphi delivers both clean AND healthy water and this is an important step forward when simply clean is seen as no longer enough.Jupiter Delphi water ionizer for undersink

Built to Last

Your water ionizer is an important investment that you want to last for many years. Inside the Delphi is the patented MARC system that allows for your ionizer to be cleaned with every use (without you having to wait and without you noticing).

This feature alone is a good enough reason to choose only Emco Tech as your preferred brand. All other brands on the market still use the old technology of reverse polarity to clean - which will create scale buildup over time and a decrease in the electride efficiency. With the Delphi you never have to give cleaning a second thought!

Something else to consider is that just in the past three years about 8 new manufacturers have come and gone leaving their customers without technical support and with no place to buy filters. Emco Tech supplies major companies such as Samsung, Toyo, LG and Hyundai. With their track record of giving quality service for over 35 years they are unmatched.

in brief here are some of the many other Delphi features that are not mentioned above:

  • inbuilt flow control valve to automatically control and create the ideal water pressure
  • Calcium port where you can add extra calcium in small calcium inserts
  • Automatic temperature shut down if the cell gets too hot
  • Quality glass fuse to protect your investment in case of power surge
  • Adjustable voice confirmation that tells you the water level selected
  • Each Delphi comes with a pH test kit for testing your water, an installation DVD, a beautifully illustrated manual and an installation kit

Ionizer Oasis is an authorized Jupiter distributor

Exceptional Warranty

The Jupiter Delphi water ionizer comes with a LIFETIME warranty on parts and a full five years warranty labor.  This means that if anything is wrong with your machine in the first five years, simply ship it back to the company's service location in Nevada, and they will repair it and ship it back to you free of charge.  If after the first five years you have any issues of any kind, the company will again repair the machine for you, and only charge you the cost of labor.  Labor costs $60 / hour.  Most repairs are done in under one hour and labor will never exceed $195.  With a warranty like this one, you can rest assured that your Delphi will be providing you exceptional water for many years to come!

Product Videos

Ionways Delphi - Drink Pure Alkaline Water with the Ionways Delphi! (01:09)
Ionways Delphi - https://www.ionizeroasis.com/jupiter-delphi-water-ionizer.html - Click here to find out more about the Ionways Delphi. You'll learn all about how this water ionizer can improve your health and well-being immediately!Ionizer Oasis is the world's most trusted retailer of Water Ionizers, as well as Water Ionizer accessories. We sell just about every major brand of ionizer, and that helps our customers rest easily knowing that they purchased from an unbiased distributor. We won't push you onto one company like almost every other site on the internet. We simply point out the advantages and disadvantages of each!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wJNTIgLbJUCreated by AnimatedWhiteboard.com
  • Ionways Delphi...
    Ionways Delphi - https://www.ionizeroasis.com/jupiter-delphi-w...

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Product Reviews

  1. Definitely better water 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 14th 2012

    I personally haven't seen the effects of "better feeling of health" reviews that others have experienced. I think my family has a history of high blood pressure, and being in my late 20s, I have experienced high blood pressure. My blood pressure has noticeably dropped after a week of exclusively drinking alkaline water. I can't guarantee that this is the result of drinking alkaline, as it may have just been a placebo effect.

    One thing I can include in my review that is superior to spring water, or tap water is the ability of alkaline water to help mix, batter flour. My mother and wife have both on separate instances have told me how easier it is to cook with alkaline water, and the noticeable difference is day and night. With alkaline water, they have reported that it takes a half or a third of the time it took to successfully mix flour compared to using tap water. They also told me that cooking tastes better, although I can't tell the difference.

    My mother has also mentioned how her plants look greener and healthier watering them with alkaline water.

    Can't pinpoint it, but the water certainly does seem to have positive effects.

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