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Genesis Platinum Ionizer

  • Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer
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Product Description

Note: We no longer sell this machine through our website. For more information and to be able to purchase, please visit WaterForLifeUSA.com!

Turn your ordinary tap water into life-enhancing alkaline ionized. If you have average tap water, then you can expect to achieve a pH range of 13 (or higher) to 2 (or lower). 

You can create acidic water that is a powerful disinfectant to kill bacteria and sterilize almost anything, like your countertops, sponges, and toothbrushes.

The Genesis Platinum easily produces the ideal drinking water pH of 9.5. (Interesting Fact: This pH level is comparable to the famous healing waters found in Lourdes, France.)

Our Water for Life USA Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer is top-rated in the industry, according to a number of independent resellers and consumer review companies.

What Makes The New Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer Better Than The Rest?

The Water for Life USA Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer is loaded with one of the most cutting edge devices available in the industry: seven-slotted-technology using platinum titanium plates (tested to last 30+ years) and our powerful 5-year warranty.


Want more? Here you go:

Genesis Platinum features:   

dropofwatera.jpg 7 Platinum Titanium Plates
Cover a surface area of 200 sq. inches. Made from the most precious materials on earth.
dropofwatera.jpg 76 Programmable pH and ORP Levels
The Genesis Platinum allows you to program nearly any pH and ORP(anti-oxidant levels) combination so you may easily customize pH and ORP to the level that's right for you and your family.
dropofwatera.jpg Premium Dual Filtration
The Genesis Platinum uses a premium acitvated carbon filter as well as a specialized media filter to improve the filtration of tap water contaminants including fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals.
dropofwatera.jpg Smart Filtration Technology (SFT)
Microchips are built into the outside of the filter casings which monitor filter life and indicate the exact time to change your filter.
dropofwatera.jpg SMPS Power Control System
Applies stable power overcoming issues such as heat, noise and loss of power.
dropofwatera.jpg Full Size Color LCD Screen
For displaying pH & ORP estimations + reading the auto-diagnosis system, filter life, flow rate, and more.
dropofwatera.jpg Automatic Water Flow Control
The Genesis Platinum was designed with ease of use in mind. There is no need to manually adjust your water flow. The Genesis Platinum will automatically turn your water on, filter it, and ionize it. Another smart feature of the Genesis Platinum.
dropofwatera.jpg Automatic Cleaning System
The Genesis Platinum automatically cleans as you use it. No waiting, just fresh, ionized water every time.
dropofwatera.jpg Smart Auto-Diagnosis System
The Genesis Platinum continually monitors six internal operating systems ensuring product safety & optimal performance.
dropofwatera.jpg Automatic Draining System
Drains water from the electrolysis cell system and filter, to enhance full system cleaning and greatly expand the life-span of the Genesis Platinum system above and beyond other standard ionizer systems.
dropofwatera.jpg Automatic pH and ORP Control and Display
Auto controls the pH and ORP of your water by adjusting the ionization according to the mineral content of your tap water. This allows the Genesis Platinum to estimate and display the pH and ORP of your water.
dropofwatera.jpg Advanced Voice Prompt System
The Genesis Platinum notifies you of each system function with soothing voice prompts, chimes, and soft music, all of which have five volume levels, as well as mute.
dropofwatera.jpg Real Time Water Flow Data
Monitors and displays the exact water flow rate, ensuring accurate pH and ORP levels in your water.
dropofwatera.jpg Contemporary Design
The sleek look & compact design of the Genesis Platinum can easily fit in with any decor in your kitchen or home.
dropofwatera.jpg Superior Materials
All Genesis Platinum systems utilize quality machinery, leak proof stainless steel adapters & non-toxic food-grade hose and plumbing. More reasons why the Genesis Platinum is the smart choice!

You Deserve the Best That Money Can Buy –

So Why Pay Hundreds More For The Same Top Quality?

Since most of our competitors are MLMs (multi-level marketers), they raise the prices on their seven-plate water ionizers by hundreds of dollars, charging more than $2000 or even $3000.

Now you can get the most powerful, feature-rich water ionizer available, the Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer, for the true market price:
Only $1695!

In-house financing is also available.

Genesis Platinum Specifications

Manufacturer Approval Code:   2213
Product Approval Code:   07-667
Product Name:   Medical Substance Producer
Model:   EOS8090
Manufacturing Company:   EOS
The object of Product:   The production of alkaline and neutral water for drinking and acidic water for other uses.
Standard Voltage and Frequency:   AC 110V 50/60Hz
Electrical Consumption:   150W
Size and weight:   Size: 13.4 (W) x 13.4 (H) x 7.25 (D) (inches) Weight:8.8 pounds
Composition and Water Supply Type:   Standing and wall-mounted type, direct connection to tap water
Controlling Method:   Touch sensor
Available Temperature:   5°C ~ 30°C
Available Water Pressure:   1.5~3.0kgf/cm2
Electrolysis Method:   Continuous electrolysis (including flow sensor)
LCD Screen:   Displays pH and ORP levels, 7 colors, water flow rate per minute, ionization indicator, remaining filter life for dual filter system, auto-diagnosis indicators, water purification, and sound.
Electrolysis:   Handling Capacity: 2-3 liter of alkali water/min, 1.5 liter of acidic water/ min
Electrolysis Ability:   4 levels of alkaline water, 4 levels of acidic water, 1 level neutral water
Electrolysis Cell:   7 Slotted platinum titanium plates
Electrode Sheet Wash:   Automatic washing (controlled by mycom)
Filter:   1st filter: 6,000 liters (1585 gal), 2nd filter: 9000 liters (2377 gal).
Message to indicate Filter Change:   LCD control screen indicates when each filter has 70 liters of filter life left. 
Filtering Material (Made in Korea):   1st filter: Antibiotic one-side filter, Zeomic, Noxious Odor Calcium, Active Carbon (with silver added), Sediment filter
2nd Filter:   Antibiotic one-side filter, Granular Activated Carbon, Active Carbon (with silver added)
Power Source Protector:   Fuse
Over-current Detector:   Automatically stops the output of electrolytic cells
Over Temperature Protector:   The temperature detector circuit installed inside the SMPS automatically stops the device.


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