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Want to Save Money? Myriad Uses for Acidic Water


If you own a water ionizer, you will notice that they are capable of producing not only alkaline drinking water, but acidic water which has many uses. Lots of home and beauty products can be made redundant by this natural substance.

You'll be amazed at how many uses there are for acidic water from your ionizer and not only the number of things but how well suited acidic water is for common household tasks!

Understanding Acidic Water

Your ionizer works by using charged metal plates to separate water into two streams: alkaline and acidic. The alkaline water provides antioxidants and is great for drinking and cooking.

Acidic water at a pH as low as 2.0 is produced by many of the ionizer brands. While it is NOT safe to drink this water, there are many other uses for it. Water with a pH of 2.5 is an effective antibacterial, anti fungal, and antiviral agent.

Acidic water can replace many household cleaners and beauty items for you and your families and pets. Since it is natural, it can also produce some great results without the side effects of nasty chemicals. Unlike alkaline water, acid water can be safely stored in bottles without fear of losing its acidity.

Next we want to show you exactly what you can do with acidic water, so you get the most bang for your buck from your water ionizer machine!

Uses of Acid Water

Cleaning counter tops, tables, and surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom.

Acidic water with a pH of 2.5 can kill viruses and bacteria. Cleaning your house with acidic water will save you money because you won't have a need for disinfectant sprays any longer! Not to mention that your body will certainly be better off without the potential allergens and carcinogens found in those substances.

Give your fruits and veggies a bath.

Soaking fruits and vegetables in acidic water and then scrubbing them is a great way to remove surface bacteria and microorganisms plaguing many crops. However, if you find a waxy or oily substance (such as on cucumbers and apples) the highest level alkaline water will be more effective in breaking it down.

Use an acidic water rinse for super shiny and dandruff free hair.

Bring a bottle of acidic water in the shower to rinse your hair with- it will leave it soft, shiny, and dandruff free! You can even wean off of shampoo and conditioner, but just know that in the first few weeks you may find yourself with oily hair as your body restores the proper balance of oils on the scalp now that you have stopped stripping those oils with the harsh chemicals found in shampoos and conditioners.

Acid water as an antiseptic rinse for dishes and kitchen appliances.

Give your dishes a final rinse with acidic water to kill any germs and bacteria that may have lingered.

Skin ailments relieved by incorporating acid water into the beauty routine.

Acidic water is a great astringent- when used externally it will leave your skin looking pristine. If you suffer from chronic conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, athlete's foot, dry skin or callouses you will see relief by washing and/or soaking affected areas.

After shaving, acidic water can smooth the skin, preventing skin rash and improving the overall quality of the skin. You can also use it on cuts, scraps, sores, bites, rashes, sunburn, mild skin burns, or poison ivy.

Considering the various treatments you would need for all of these, this could add up to a HUGE savings.

Super charge your nuts and beans.

A few minutes of soaking sprouts, nuts, grains and beans can remove dirt, germs and pesticides. After that, leave them soaking overnight in ALKALINE water. Soaking many nuts can make them easier to digest and easier for your body to reap the benefits of the nutrients and fatty acids they contain!

A natural deodorant.

Spray or otherwise apply acid water under your arms to kill the bacteria which is actually what produces the odor. This will also increase your health, since most deodorants contain aluminum which seeps into your skin and is known to have detrimental health effects.

A rinse great for teeth, gums and sore throats.

Swishing around some acidic water in your mouth destroys plaque, germs, and prevents gum bleeding. You can also gargle with it when you have a sore throat or sores inside the mouth.

Preserve flower arrangements.

The antiseptic nature of the water will allow your cut flowers to last longer when soaked in acidic water!

Don't Yet Have an Ionizer to Create Acid Water?

Well, you're in luck since this is our specialty! If you need help in choosing, check out our popular featured ionizers section, or just give us a call at 1-888-760-0902. We're more than happy to work with you on finding the best ionizer for your needs.

Here's to your health,

The Ionizer Oasis Team

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