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Quick Tips for Drinking Enough Alkaline Water


Quick Tips for Drinking Enough Alkaline Water

In the last post about the importance of drinking alkaline water, we talked about why your body needs water and how drinking high quality alkaline, ionized water improve your health and quality of life. Today, we want to share some quick tips to make it easy to incorporate drinking water into your life if you're not already in the habit.

How much is enough? The rule of thumb is 8x8 or eight eight-ounce glasses a day, but we recommend that as an absolute minimum.

The Institute of Medicine has determined that the average man should drink three liters (about 13 cups) per day and the average woman 2.2 liters, or about 9 cups. However, if you are overweight, active physically or sweat a lot from living in a hot climate or other reasons, you should drink even more.

Thirteen cups a day can seem like a tall order but with these tips you can do it effortlessly!

*  Start the day with two giant glasses of water before eating breakfast- your body has been using water in its various processes throughout the night and will welcome the replenishment!

-  That could equal about 4 cups, and you're already ¼ the way there on your daily water intake. It has the added benefit of clearing out your system since you'll be drinking the water on an empty stomach. If you suffer from constipation, try this before anything else, it works wonders.

*  Keep a glass of water or water bottle at your desk or workplace

-   If you keep water handy, you can sip throughout the day. You will feel more refreshed by doing this than by relying on coffee to get you through the day! Staying adequately hydrated prevents fatigue and keeps you sharp.

-  Bring your alkaline, ionized water to work in a BPA free water bottle. BPA is a toxic substance found in some bottles. You can research BPA free bottles on the internet, and we also have BPA free water bottles for sale on our site.

*  Cut down on coffee, caffeinated tea, and soft drinks

-  These can cause dehydration. If you do drink any caffeinated drinks, have a glass of water right after.

*  Drink a glass of water to every glass of another beverage

*  Bring a large water bottle with you and try to drink it on your way to work. If you don't finish it on the way there, finish it on the way home!

*  If you drink soda or diet soda, drink two-four glasses of water before. You might find you don't want the soda anymore, or you'll drink less than you would have.

*  Check the color of your urine; it should be clear or nearly clear. If it is too dark you need to up your water intake!

Developing a Taste for Water

Maybe you are a big soda or juice drinker and the idea of a glass of water seems totally bland and unappealing to you. Here are some tips to develop your taste for water, so you can start giving your body more of what it needs.

*  Water ionizer owners agree that their machines produce superior tasting water, so get yourself some healthy antioxidant filled water from a water ionizer to start your water habit.

*  Remember Pavlov's training experiments on dogs? Even if you don't you can condition yourself to drink more water by looking at a pleasant image, listening to music you like, or thinking of a special person every time you drink water. That way drinking water will elicit peaceful and happy thoughts in you!

*  Try adding some lemon or lime to add some kick to your agua.

*  Cut out sugary drinks altogether, at least for a little while. Drinking water after a super-sweet juice could leave your taste buds feeling unsatisfied. After you get to liking the taste of water and drinking ample amounts, introduce your old drinks back in, in moderation, if you'd like. You might find they are even too sweet for you with your newly acquired taste for water!

Too Much of a Good Thing

Is there such thing as drinking too much water? Yes, drinking large amounts of water could lead to water intoxication if it upsets the balance of electrolytes. This is normally only found in infants and athletes. As long as you are drinking water steadily throughout the day you should be ok! It is recommended not to drink more than 1 to 1.5 liters (2 to 3 pints) per hour.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and are incorporating them into your daily routine!

Here's to your health,

The Ionizer Oasis Team

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