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Recommended Alkaline Fruits

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Eat as much of fresh and alkaline fruits as possible. Choose the ones that are fresh, and some of the best include especially watermelon, which is the highest in the alkali count apples, avocados, pears, apricots, most types of berries, guavas, dates, and currants.

Some Acidic Fruits

Did you know that some fruits are harmful for your body when ingested beyond moderation? Cranberries, any preserved fruit, blueberries, plums and prunes are considered acidic.

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Why Alkaline Diet is Great for Weight Loss

People have seen great weight loss as a result of an alkaline diet. Consuming a healthy amount of this high pH water and alkaline foods is guaranteed to aid the body in returning to acid-alkaline harmony. This balance has great effect on the body's weight.

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What Soda Does to Children

Did you know that a child who's drinking one extra soda per day will have a 60% greater chance of becoming obese?

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Some Acidic Foods You should Avoid

75% of your diet should be alkaline-based, and only 25% should be acidic. Listed below are the types of food which are acidic.

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Drink Your Alkaline Water with Lemon

Drink your ionized water with lemon FIRST thing when you wake up. It’s important that each and every day, the first thing you drink on an empty stomach is fresh ionized water with lemon (at least 8 oz). This helps balance your stomach after sleeping, flush out residual buildup, and prepares your body with the [...]

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They Seem Alkaline But are Not

Some dried beans, lentils, the white tipped asparagus, cranberries, any preserved fruit, blueberries, plums and prunes are acidic in terms of bodily utilization. 

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Why Should You Own an Alkaline Water Filter?

Because for one to be health conscious, owning an alkaline water filter is a necessity. It serves to filter out harmful substances that come from tap water.

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Alkaline Water for Your Soup

Using alkaline water when preparing foods like soup and stews is actually balancing the acidic aspects of the food.

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Alkaline Water for Your Plants

Watering your garden with Alkaline Water will make it healthier and vibrant-looking!

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