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What to Believe? Is Alkaline Water a Scam?

We know we are operating a website that is meant to sell water ionizers to produce alkaline water, so why should you believe what we have to say about any potential alkaline water scam? This is a very good point, and we hope you do your research before making this purchase so you will be healthier and happy with your decision.

In this article, we will address some points that critics make about alkaine or ionized water.

Claim: ”Alkaline water won't change your body's blood pH, if it did you would be in metabolic acidosis”

The fundamental problem with this criticsm is that no one is suggesting that alkaline water makes your blood alkaline. You body does tightly regulate pH levels, and the pH level of your blood is maintained around 7.345. Some parts of your body have slightly acidic pH, such as your digestive track, but most intracellular spaces and your blood maintain an alkaline pH.

”You are what you eat”- Grandma told you that, her grandma told her that and guess what it is absolutely true and common sense. So if you are eating an overly acidic diet, being stressed and having negative emotions (other acid-formers) then something's gotta give.

We then have several possible scenarios, and none of them are pretty! Calcium can be leeched from the bones, weakening them, as they are source of basic material that would be needed to balance the excess acid. Also kidneys, lungs, and the circulation and respiratory system work harder to maintain the correct pH level.

If your body is working so hard trying to maintain its pH, it could leave you fatigued, achey, in an ill-mood and/or succeptable to illness and disease. Proponents of alkaline water are advocating the water not to change your body's pH, but to help your body have an easier time of maintaining that level.

Claim: “Alkaline minerals help your body maintain it's pH, not alkaline water”

This claim can be refuted by anyone who takes the two seconds to realize how the process of water ionization works. When you turn on the machine, a voltage is passed and the two or more electrodes (the plates) work to separate the negative ions (OH-) from the positive (H+).

Water ionization only works because of the associated minerals. The basic (alkaline) minerals carry the negative charge and are drawn to the positive pole and vice versa. This is why the alkaline ionized water comes out with a high concentration of basic minerals which are great for drinking and cooking with and the acidic stream comes out with the acidic minerals and compounds you don't want to be drinking, but which are a great health, beauty and household aid.

Claim: ”Alkaline water doesn't make you healthier”

It is our belief, and many others agree, that antioxidants ward off aging and disease. While the FDA does not allow manufacturers of anything except pharmaceutical drugs to make medical claims about their products, if you just look into the benefits that antioxidants provide you can see for yourself.

The alkaline water which your ionizer provides is rich in antioxidants, and you can perform an objective test on this fact by using an ORP reader. ORP is a measure of the antioxidant level, and the more negative, the more antioxidants. Normal tap water as well as bottled waters usually have a positive ORP, meaning they contain free radicals, which actually rob you of your health. So if you think it is important in increase the uptake of antioxidants in your diet, a water ionizer may be a great way to do so.

See for Yourself, Risk Free

Even when we address these issues, the most important fact is that the water actually works.  Hundreds of thousands of people have water ionizers in their homes and are testament to this.  We sincerely hope that many more people will discover the benefits, for something that costs less per year than buying bottled water at the supermarket and is way healthier for you.

We offer 60 day, money back guarantees (less 15% restocking fee) on all water ionizers.  If you'd like to research more about what water ionizer is right for you, read up here.

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